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What Does an Expungement Lawyer Do?

November 1 2020

An expungement lawyer is someone that specializes in the field of law that deals with removing records from court cases. They are basically a person that is allowed to handle legal proceedings regarding criminal activity or any other type of crime. These people are very helpful when it comes to cases that involve an expungement but can also help with other types of legal problems. There are many different things that they can help you with.


Expungement has been used as a form of getting records of criminal activities off of your record for quite some time now. It's basically a way to get things like traffic tickets or other types of traffic violations removed from your record. People often use this method to clear their record, but sometimes there are issues or things that prevent it from being completely removed.

An expungement lawyer is what is needed to make sure that everything is cleared from your record after being tried. There are certain types of crimes that are not eligible for this type of process, and these are usually crimes that are serious. You'll have to make sure that you know which types of crimes you are trying to remove before you go through with this process.


A criminal defense attorney can be very useful when it comes to helping you with any problems that may come up. They can help you with explaining things to you in a way that you understand. If you are having any problems getting your record cleared, your attorney can help you out in figuring out what is going on.

It's always a good idea to speak to a lawyer before you try and get something removed from your record. They can give you a lot of ideas on what you might want to consider. Sometimes a person will even get their record removed without them even knowing about it.


An expungement lawyer can be invaluable when it comes to making sure that your record is totally removed from your record. If you need to clear your record of any criminal records, they can be a great help. You'll be able to learn more about the process and get all the information you need to make an informed decision. If you ever need to clear your record, make sure that you talk to an expungement lawyer to see what options you have available to you.

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What is an Indiana Expungement Attorney

November 1 2020

An Indiana expungement attorney is an Indianapolis expungement attorney who specializes in "expunging" or removing a person's criminal record from the records of the Indiana court system. An expunging attorney can make this happen by filing a petition, which explains the case and appeals to the court's ruling. An expunged record will not be available for public viewing in the Indiana court system's public criminal records database.

People have several reasons get an expungement of their criminal records from the court system. Sometimes it is due to innocence, sometimes due to guilt, but sometimes due to no fault. For instance, there may be cases where someone was falsely accused of a crime, but after being cleared by DNA or blood test and given a retrial by a jury, a judge expunged the evidence. 

Some people have an expunged record because they committed a felony, while some have an expunged record because they have a misdemeanor but charged with a felony. An expunged record does not mean you cannot re-offend, it just means that a criminal background has been expunged. 

One way to expunge records is to go to a courthouse and ask them to order the records expunged. You can ask the court clerk to expunge your record by paying a retainer and submitting proper paperwork and fees to the court. To protect yourself, ask a friend or a family member to help you file the paperwork so that you won't lose your day in court.
Other than the expunged records of a criminal conviction, you can also expunge your civil records if you are a victim of discrimination or hate crimes, child abuse, and child sexual abuse. The court can order the expungement of records for these types of cases.
To expunge your records, you need to get the court to issue the expungement order and submit your request. If you have not received a conviction for a crime, you have to show that you have had a clean record for the past six months. It may take several court hearings before the court rules on whether your records are expunged or not.

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August 17 2020

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